Roger Lampert

  • Dipl. Fitnesstrainer
  • Certified Kinesistrainer
  • Fitvibetrainer
  • IBM Personaltrainer
  • RINGIER Personaltrainer
  • Executive Business und CEO Coach

Roger is a personal trainer with a very good eyeHe knows exactly how to analyze different body types and based on his findings he creates customized training routines accordingly. Just one look at you and he already knows what training methods are most appropriate and effective for you. Roger recognizes the potential in you and sees the possibilities available to improve your figureHis excellent abilities are comparable to the ones of a sculptor that knows where some more is needed and where a bit less is betterBefore you decide to go for a breast implant or other cosmetic interventionseek advice from Roger and benefit from his vast experience.


Customer Opinions

Richard Burbidge, IBM

I decided to get myself in shape after many years of just thinking about it. I have been with Roger now for over a year and have lost over 18 Kilo's and never felt better. I have no doubt in recommending Roger as a great & professional personal trainer. Thanks Roger !


Rosa Hofer, IBM

Hi Roger! I like your work-outs. They suit my goals & capabilities. I also enjoy your personality & style, which make the training a great fun.

Olga Senn, IBM

I am very satisfied with the personal training I have had with Roger. I am happy to recommend Roger. Please feel free to contact me for more information.


Jørgen Krog, HP

If you wanna get fit fast and efficient I can only recommend Roger. I have never in my life got in such a great shape with so little effort. (I have tryed many times before) Its hard but extreamely efficient, since Rogers understand the musclature and how to vary the training program. Sign up and stay with him for at least 2 month and you will look 10 years younger...(If you do what he says!!!) Roger keep up the good work, very inspring to work with

Kevin Jones, Director, IBM +41-79 / 826 05 40

I have been working out with Roger for 7 weeks. At the same time I have been following the low carb diet and have lost circa 10Kg. More importantly my shape has changed considerably, I feel better but there are two disadvantages, first is my clothes do not fit me anymore and the second is I am becoming addicted to his style of working out. It is always different and fun. Previously I simply concerned myself with cardio training, I was doing 1hr every day and lost zero weight and still looked to big. too big.


Dr. Stephanie Swope,

I worked with Roger for one year while in Switzerland, with great results. He listens to your goals, and formulates a work out routine specifically tailored to what you would like to focus on. He is very motivational, and encouraging!



I have been working out with Roger for 3 months. I originally saw him in my gym training someone else and was surprised at how engaged and excited and enthusiastic he was about working with him. I chose him for this reason and have not been disappointed. You will not have someone standing next to you and just counting. Roger customizes the workout for you and responds to/changes the workout based on your strengths and weaknesses. I have been going to the gym for 13 years and was getting bored. Roger made it fun and worthwhile again. I highly recommend him!!


Dr. Brad Snyder

I have been working out with Roger for the past 6 months. He has been great about monitoring progress and tailoring the diet advice and exercise program to my personal needs and desires. He has a personalized plan and the plan has been effective. Roger is flexible and most importantly motivates me to achieve my fitness goals! Dr. Brad Snyder Radiology

Michael Vollmer, Global Operations Director, Managing Director, Zürich

Working out with Roger has been a fantastic (and dare I say, fun) experience. No matter how tired I may be coming into a work-out session, Roger's positive attitude consistently motivates me to achieve my best in every work out. He is diligent about recording my improvements, and always offers helpful tips to excel and avoid injury. I can highly recommend Roger to anyone looking for major physical improvements while enjoying themselves at the same time. That is a difficult achievement in itself. Thanks Roger! Michael Vollmer Global Operations Director Managing Director